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American Polling Exchange

Malice to None, Freedom for All

Membership Cards 

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The APEX DAO Membership Cards are unique digital collectibles minted on the blockchain. Your APEX DAO NFT doubles as your American Polling Exchange membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to register which unlocks perks such as giveaways, challenges, paid surveys, a unique referral code and early notice to job and career opportunities from APEX DAO and its strategic partners. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation and individual level-up challenges. Perks and benefits include Discount on future NFTs, membership events, and tokens/coins Get paid to take surveys and participate in focus groups Access to job applications and career opportunities View results and detailed analysis of polls and surveys Special access to content creation, the member dashboard, and data intelligence reports

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Enter the passcode to unlock the next 3 steps to be entered into our exclusive contest in partnership with Ranked Choice Media (RCM) Group

Our Mission

The American Polling Exchange (APEX) mission is to help restore active civic engagement in American governance from the grassroots up by focusing on local community issues, equitable distribution of income, and gamification of educational topics (i.e., Civics, History, 21st Century Economics, Critical Reasoning, Finance & Technology).

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What We Do

The American Polling Exchange (APEX) provides Issue-based polls, surveys, and focus groups to help make Civics fun and attract more American Citizens to get involved in issue-based advocacy rather than candidate-based fealty. APEX will leverage gamification to keep members engaged and create new pathways for economic rewards, skills development, and leveling up member profiles to unlock new features.

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